Basic Steps to Remove Dried Paint on Your Furniture

If you have a paint or furniture stain on any surface that you do not want to clean up, usually you can just gently sand back that area a bit before you apply a new coat to keep the paint from adhering to the surface.

Sometimes, however, a spot replacement is really in order. To apply the new layer, first sand the whole area, then use a tack cloth to remove all the dust from the sanding process. Once you finish sanding, if you still have spots from before, sand those spots again until the paint flakes off to the surface of the furniture piece. Now you will be right side up in the world for alternate surface Preparation.

But if you have a paint stain, there’s more to do – and complicated process! When dealing with your bare, unpainted peeling wood furniture, we recommend you follow these steps for easy removal of the old paint.

Step #1

Invest in a quality surface cleaner – even if you want to save a few bucks. You deserve it.

If you are not sure which cleaner would work with your furniture, we recommend you test it on a piece of the furniture before you do anything else to make sure it does not damage the wood. Some cleaner may contain a different amount of alcohol than what you have.

Step # 2

The proper cleaning solution for outdoor furniture is a 10% bleach/water solution. You will need to let the solution dwell for at least 20 minutes. If you have a mini solution, it will work fine. Otherwise, we recommend a store-bought liquid.

Step # 3

Line your bucket with plastic and mix your cleaner solution with linseed oil for easy application. Avoid using ammonia cleaner as it will almost smell like paint. Clorox is a great brand of “all-purpose” cleaner.

Step # 4

Lightly apply the mixed solution on the spot or spots until the color takes on the desired look of the paint.

Step # 5

After it’s marked down the area you are cleaning. All the stains should come off. If not, just apply some more solution and scrub. Make sure you concentrate on tight areas for stubborn stains. Again, you will be right side up in the world by now.

Step # 6

Rinse the surface or spots with water and allow it to dry.

Step # 7

Use a fine wire to remove the clogs of finish. If you have a tough stain, take some fine steel wool and scrub until the stain comes off, replacing the glass or finish. One method is to weigh the area with a few books and weight then apply a small amount of oil at a time.

Step # 8

By now your surface cleaner should be working like magic!

Step # 9

Let it dry completely. The recommended length of time is 24 hours – really. This allows the surface plenty of time to thoroughly cures or dry off.

Step # 10

Sand the entire area with fine sandpaper and then allow it to dry.

Step # 11

Once again sand outside, that area is NOT going to be painted!

Step # 12

Oil and sand the area again before letting it dry.

Step # 13

Oil the outer layer, and then sand the surface with a 150 grit sandpaper (for painted surfaces). This will help to repel dirt and should provide a really nice finish.

Step # 14

Once it’s dry, it is time to paint!

Step # 15

We will be going to cover the outside edges of the furniture with the same paint color or stain. We will also be filling in any holes we may leave.

Step # 16

Again, mix a small amount of all-purpose bonding and apply it to the wood surface. Lightly rub the all-purpose bonding over the surface using a damp rag.

Step # 17

Cover the outside edges with the same paint or stain. Again, lightly rub the surface using a rag with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol.

Step # 18

Let everything dry.

Step # 19

Voila! You have painted it!

This was just an attempt to give you some basic steps to clean and apply water-based paint on your furniture. Painting is easy if you follow these steps. Also, you should note that you can use paint thinner in water-based paint as long as you have mixed the paint thoroughly.

It is common for water-based paint to bleed when using thinner or thinner-based paint (also known by the Extension Aid). Always give the paint plenty of time to dry.

This process was just an experiment. Stay tuned for a time-saving, money-saving tip regarding paint colors.

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